Lens Tech

Our lens technology is the best on the planet...hands down. Every lens we produce is made in exclusive collaboration with Carl Zeiss Vision, a leader in state-of-the-art optical innovation and clarity. We provide you with the most advanced lenses on the market to keep your eyes happy!        


Every pair of lenses in our Sunnies collection comes polarized, shatterproof, and high-definition. So technically advanced, that these lenses won't even crack if hit by a steel ball at 100 mph! These lenses provide 100% UV protection using a super light and stable polycarbonate lens. We've also included additional features such as an anti-scratch hard-coating and guaranteed zero distortion using a spherical-molded lens process. We reserve the best of the best for you!


Guaranteed perfect optical vision, our ski goggle lenses are made of dual polycarbonate lenses that have been crafted from a spherical-injection mold, a complex technology that simply champions the market. We stack on more, including an anti-scratch and anti-fog protection, as well as high-definition tints and colors exclusive to Church and State Optics™.


We even offer replacement lenses for our loyal customers looking to maintain their prized Church and State Optics™ ski goggles.  It's like getting a shoe shine on your favorite pair of stilettos! A product made of quality parts can last a very long time and we understand how important it is to take care of the things you love. 

If you are looking to order a replacement lens for any of our ski goggle styles, let us take care of you! Contact Us