Church and State Optics™ design philosophy is boutique chic, a sophisticated style that can still be fun and flirty with expectations of the finest quality. We have the highest performance standards so you can focus on living the fashionable lifestyle, especially when you just want to look posh without worrying about the technical side of things. 

Our Sunnies collection feature cool details like high-gloss finishes, multi-dimensional prints and patterns, and classic shapes with modern twists. Our shades are hypoallergenic and utilize lightweight materials to bring out the overall comfort when wearing them for hours at a time. And, we are eco-friendly in our production, using water-based paints in the coloration process, meaning no harmful impact on the environment.

Within our Ski Goggle line-up, we showcase specialty details like hand-painted enamel closures, 10K gold plated hardware, certified Made with Crystallized Swarovski Elements, along with jacquard-woven Italian fabrics. We cover every nook and cranny in terms of our design and materials to produce the most fashion-forward women's ski goggle on the market.